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yyyreeeelooo der...NAME.. kirtana john.or APRIL as people call me.. I'm laid back, and I take opportunities as they present themselves, I guess you could say I try to enjoy every day for what it's worth. My style... BOHEMIAN and PARISIAN! It is my personal FAV. It is something which has always inspired me and reflects my artistic taste , fuelled by lots of inspiration. what reflects from their style, and it is SO ME! I consider myself, a modern day Hippie/Bohemian...YES! it's true, I think I am born in the wrong era...although, I know that I belong in this one for a special reason, and maybe even to touch a real small world with my creative ambitions, eye for design and idealistic free thinking. 
Fashion junkie + movie buff + die-hard foodie + traveler + COMPLETELY UNPREDICTABLE + lover of life, friends, pretty things, color & music n....etc ☮ + ♥

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