Monday, 25 November 2013

Fall/Winter 2013: Calling out for masculine patterns

Hello! Long time no see! Time has been mercilessly flying for me during this brief month or so, exams and different projects have taken a toll on me, and working hard day by day only accelerates this inevitable phenomenon. But finally I managed to pull myself together and do some justice to my blog.

This winter seems promising. There is chill in the air and it is a very good change from the usual hot climate here in India. So its time to get out those jackets, beanies, mufflers etc and keep yourself warm and stylish at the same time.

This years Fall trends are very interesting. As leopard prints, and colors like deep greens, grays, oranges and whites are still very "In", a touch of newness is brought in by prints like Herringbone, Houndstooth, pinstripes and Prince of Wales checks or Glen Plaid. These timeless business patterns are the real trends. Categorized broadly under men's classic prints, these old school prints and patterns have been brought in this season and were widely used on the ramp by many designers. It is all about the sophistication of the print, whether you are wearing for a say at work or casually.

While Pinstripes give that classy look with a feminine touch, Herringbone creates a stripy optical effect which definitely makes you look dashingly elegant. Houndstooth which has always been looked as the old school print, has been given a makeover and now it is everywhere from jackets to shoes. Plaid is another old traditional pattern that has made quite a buzz this year on the runway. Designers paired plaid with pinstripes, tweeds and other eye-catching prints for a hip take on the classic style.

So, if you are looking for a smart look this season then I definitely recommend you get some items in your wardrobe with these prints immediately. Go ahead and look chic and profoundly elegant. 

On the runway by Billy Reid

Me in Plaid

Herringbone pattern with winter colors

A hint of herringbone for those who don't like it to take big

Houndstooth on the Runway by Michael Kors

Adding some class with pinstripes

Perfect formal shirt this Fall

A well fitted Suit in pinstripes is a must.
by Zara 

Plaid on the runway

Who does not want to copy Alexa

Take on Plaid by Dolce & Gabbana

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