Thursday, 22 August 2013

Classic white shirt!

 “The white blouse can be light and floating, impeccable and austere, sumptuous and all-enveloping, tight and close-fitting. It rises up to frame the face. It sculpts the body by transforming itself into a second skin. Imputed with glamor and poetry, freedom and impetuousness, the prim white shirt turns out to have a thousand identities…said Gianfranco Ferre. 

Hey guys, I am back into the blogging world again after long, and it feels real good. I have been busy all this while so was not able to do justice to my blog. Now when I have my exams scheduled from tomorrow, I realized I am too lazy to here I am with a new post.:D

And yeah! I decided that I would post often from now on. 

You must have already guessed what this post is about...THE TIMELESS, CLASSIC WHITE BLOUSE. 
Modern or traditional, when it comes to making a feminine statement, the white blouse is amongst the few items which enables in highlighting grace and good taste, so easily, yet so effectively. And nothing better than a white blouse represents timeless fashion.

Here I picked a casual look with a long sleeved pockets chiffon shirt from MANGO. I love the sheer effect it has which adds elegance and I believe that nothing evokes femininity quite like the sheerness and delicacy tastefully building up a garment.
I teamed the shirt with zippered navy jeans which are my new favorite. They fit like a beauty.

Ignore my expression :p

What I am wearing:

White blouse - Mango 

Navy zippered Jeans - Mango

Peacock feathered earrings - thrifted

Pointed-toe shoes - thrifted

Large tote - Mango 

Watch - Fossil

Sunglasses (Aviators) - Ray-Ban

Lipstick - M.A.C Russian Red

Please leave your comments, if any!
will get back to you guys.
Much love. x