Thursday, 11 April 2013

Summer-y casuals!

Summer is catching up like ever this time and it is getting very uncomfortable. Time to fill my ward robe with some super-flow-y/loose but stylish stuff (;
Woke up one morning and decided that I should shop before I get depressed about my ever-depleting ward robe. I put on some comfy cloths, picked up my  biggest tote and walked out to fetch ultimate joy :D
Over-sized dresses/shirts/blouses are pinnacle of style of comfort. Check out my last post on boy-friend shirt styling ( This universal flattering trend has been their for a while and Summer is the perfect time to experiment with it. The blouse and leggings are super comfy and absolutely perfect to keep me going for the day. 

Here are some pictures- :D 

What I am wearing:

High-low Blouse- Splash

Ankle-length leggings- Splash

My FAV beach bag - Versace 

Shoes- Kohlapuries thrifted

Sun-glasses- Ray-Ban Aviators

Hand Fan- From Singapore 

Stacked Rings- Accssorize

Over-sized ring- Accssorize

Owl ear-rings- Accssorize

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will get back to you guys.
Much love. x