Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Beauty loot : Some picks from my Fav's

After some outfit pots, I decided to do a beauty post on some of my favorite picks from my products. 

Dolce and Gabbana's Pour Femme is of the best fragrances that i have ever come across. Its long lasting  floral fragrance is mesmerizing and I totally recommend this one. 


Bath & Body Works is one of my FAV brands for body lotions and shower gels. This brand which is famous for its fruity and floral fragrances is a must to try. 

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body is one of my favorite fragrance in body lotions.It has an exotic floral scent and even acts as a very good and long lasting moisturizer. parfum of the same fragrance is a little more concentrated but leaves the fragrance on you for almost the whole day. 


Sweet Pea Body Lotion is another favorite pick of mine. It has a divine fruity floral fragrance and again lasts for long.


Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka Paris is another Perfumed Body Lotion which a moisturising and smoothing effect. It has a fresh minty fragrance which makes me feel fresh all day. 

Hand Care - Fresh Picked raspberries Hand cream is DIVINE!! Its yummy fragrance is addictive and it leaves you hands smooth and soft all day long. 

TIGI's Catwalk Curl's Rock is much favored for my curly hair. For all those who think that I get my hair curled, here is the honest truth...after shampooing and conditioning I brush it once and scrounge it with this and leave it to dry. It is too good for curly hair. Trust me! It works wonders! 


Habib's aesthetics hair serum is one of my favorite hair products. Its oil-free, leave in property leaves hair really smooth and silky. Its fragrance is another add on. I totally recommend this product for frizz-free, smooth hair.

As I have curly hair and have side bangs too, it is totally weird to have curly side bangs. So i end up straightening my side bangs. But as you all know, continuous straightening can damage your hair and it is essential to use a proper and effective shielding product...I picked on Matrix opti.care which is serving me as a very good product. Split ends and frayed tips is common when you straighten regularly, so this serum prevents it all.


M.A.C lip balm is totally recommended by me. It not just nourishes and smooth-ens your lips but even leaves a glossy pink tinge on your lips. 

M.A.C eye range is to die for. Girls for who daily eye makeup is a must should check out the following products for long lasting and real good results. 
1. M.A.C  Liquid last liner (http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/151/1250/Products/Eyes/Liner/Liquidlast-Liner/index.tmpl) is completely smudge proof and non-flaky. It is the best product I have come across for long-lasting effects. But beware...it can be only removed with M.A.C remover. (http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/179/1480/Products/Skincare/Removers/Gently-Off-Eye-and-Lip-Makeup-Remover/index.tmpl).
2. M.A.C Technakohl Liner (http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/151/1347/Products/Eyes/Liner/Technakohl-Liner/index.tmpl) is a mechanical pencil style liner with a smooth finish. It is smudge free and is perfect for quick application and long lasting effect.
3. M.A.C Eye Kohl (http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/151/323/Products/Eyes/Liner/Eye-Kohl/index.tmpl) has a very deep and rich color which gives your eyes an intense look. The only draw back is that it smudges if left for long. 
4. M.A.C Kohl Powder Eye Pencil (http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/151/1579/Products/Eyes/Liner/Kohl-Power-Eye-Pencil/index.tmpl) is another fav product which is amazing for smokey effect. It has a carbon powdery effect which can make your eyes look sexy in no time. 

Photo courtesy - Stephi John (http://www.facebook.com/stephi.john)

So...here are a few of my favorite picks that I will always recommend. Will be back soon with another post.x

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fall trends November : Tangirene tango---Cobalt Blue---SnakesPrint

A big hi to all of you pretty ladies out there...hope you all are doing well. It feels like I haven't posted in ages! Probably cause it's been ages. Was super busy with my semester end exam and now i am FINALLY done *phew* and now...I AM BACK!
Decided to do an outfit post, so here I am with my picks from the on going Fall trends.

Decided to couple one of the hottest trend which has been all over the fall 2012 runways...Snake print, with two hot color trends of this season...Tangerine Tango and Cobalt Blue. 

Snake prints is the fall's hottest animal print. High-fashion labels such as Balenciaga, Christian Siriano, Stella McCartney, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli incorporated the scaly skins into dresses, jackets and accessories. I am more of a Leopard girl so just wanted to restrict snake print to accessories.

The citrus hue Tangerine has been the color of the year for 2012. It not just ruled the spring season but has also danced its way into fall trends. The shade was featured by almost all the top designers. Cobalt Blue is another hot color trend of this season. While Tangerine is more on the fun side Cobalt Blue is a beautiful gorgeous rich color which fills our eyes with glamour. 
Every one has been loving these punchy shades but i have to admit that they are not the easiest colors to pull off (I however managed to :p) 

What I am wearing :

Tangerine high-low top - Ginger

Jeans - Lee Cooper

Platform Suede Wedges - Steve Madden 

Snake printed tote - Aldo

Sun glasses - Aviators---Ray Ban

Snake print collared necklace - Splash 

Watch - Tommy Hilfiger

Photo courtesy - Stephi John 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

College trip to rural India : Me Color Pop!

Hey Pretty people, hope you all are doing good by God's grace. Been a bit busy lately and it surely is tiring. Now I have holidays for a week *phew*, just planning to relax at home, shop and BLOG :D 
We had a field trip from college to the rural part of India, it was bleh :/ but me and my friends managed to have some great fun. 
As it was a bright sunny day ( Winters in Hyderabad are also HOT :p) , I decided to make it more fun, bright and colorful by adding some bright pop colors to my casual attire. here is what I wore. 

What I am wearing:

Tank Top: Mango

Outerwear (drapy cardigan): ONLY 

Floral Satchel bag: Promod 

Owl embellished earrings: Accessorize 

Mustache Necklace: Accessorize 

Flip Flops: Big Bazaar 

Over-sized shades: Charles & Keith

Nail Paint : LOREAL Pink 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

HBD my precious! :* :*

Hey all, today is my dear boyfriend's birthday and this post is dedicated to him. I consider myself very blessed to have such a blessing in my life and mind it he also keeps it stylish always (; 
Not only he is the most handsome and stylish, he is also incredibly loving and caring. A person who has been with me through my thick and thin and has always been a witness to my good and bad and has accepted me. I share a very special bond with him and will always be thank full to him for his support.
So here is wishing him a very merry HAPPIE BIRTHDAY! :D

What I am wearing : 

Peter-Pan Collared Blouse: Vero Moda

Jacket: Vero Moda

Shoes: Aldo CRAGAR 

Ear studs: Accessorize 

Watch: Tommy Hilfiger 

Eye liner: M.A.C Liquidlast Liner 

Photo Courtesy: Payal James http://www.facebook.com/payal.james?fref=ts ( Thank you darl for such amazing pictures :D )

P.S- Sorry for not being able to provide links for the other stuff. 

Have a Blessed day.x

Saturday, 29 September 2012

in the mood for :Polka-dots + Pussy-bow Blouse!

Polka dots always look adorable. Timeless and cute, polka dots have made their mark on dresses, bags, belts and hair accessories with a hint of retro fashion.They are every where these days and look so cute. They bring out a lot of fun to an outfit making all the difference and taking the outfit out of the simple zone to an sophistication. 

The ultra-feminine and classic Pussy-bow blouse, effortlessly ups and outfit's chic factor. It is a very good way to doll up the wardrobe. 

Here i teamed both these trends to up-lift the feminine quotient for a pre-birthday bash.  

 So however you choose to get your spot-on this fall, just make sure to have fun with it. Because let’s face it, polka dots in and of themselves are pretty darn fun.

What I am wearing :

Polka-dotted/Pussy Bow  Blouse - Promod

Bowling bag - Mango 

Over-sized Shades - Charles & Keith  


Earrings (Golden Ball Studs)  - Accesorize 

Mustache necklace - Accesorize 

Eyeliner - MAC Liquid last 


Nail Polish - L'OREAL Pink

Ballet Flats - Catwalk 

Photo courtesy : My stylish sister Stephi John! :*

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Fun day out with girl-friends. Decided to color block and add a hint of Leopard. 

Color-blocked top - Mango 
http://pinterest.com/pin/19632948345788440/ ( in a different color combination) 

Corduroy pants - Splash 

Scarf - Accessorize 

Soho Satchel - Gift (: 

Watch - Tommy Hilfiger

Eye liner - M.A.C Liquidlast Liner

Earrings- Accessorize 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Fall/Winter 2012---Leather

Hey guys, hope you guys are doing well and keeping it stylish (: must apologize because I've barely posted this month. Sadly, i have been keeping busy with my college and it is tiring because of which all my creativity has gone down the drain and I couldn't even think of what to post. But just got reminded that I have been missing out one one of the most famous trends this season...LEATHER! This is definitely one of my personal favorite trends. In the collections for winter 2012./2013, we had a chance to see different instances of black leather. Fashion brand Proenza Schouler choose the androgynous one. If you are the "vamp look" type then you will definitely like this trend while, Versace,in its typical style, presented the sexy look. 

HIgh-waisted + spikes + leather = RAD!

VB stylish, as always

Asymmetric leather

Balmain jacket and leather faux cropped pants

Leather hotness

Leather jacket, a must!

Studs on leather Burberry Fall collection

Synthetic leather

Those pants

Please leave your comments, if any!
will get back to you guys.
Much love. x